Our quality

Zero defects: our essential objective.

Our company system is certified according to following norms:

certificazioni-qualita-iso-001  certificazioni-qialita-iso-949  certificazioni-qialita-iso-9100    certificazioni-qialita-iso-4001

In Lopigom we work to improve constantly the production process and to reduce at the minimum the margin of error: for this reason we follow the policy of “Zero Defects”.

Investment focused on technology, constant personal training and systematic organization of processes are the means to get this purpose.

The monitoring activities are programmed from the productive cycle to the logistic, following the actual international scheme of the automotive industry (IATF, ISO, VDA, ANFIA, AIAG) with a view to automating every process. Because of this, our internal laboratory checks incoming compounds and physical-mechanical test of the finished product.


Every our production is 100% checked with the most updated technologies for the video sorting and all phases of development are monitored in real-time and interfaced with our ERP.

Every raw material supply is accompanied by the supplier certificate which attests the conformity to the specification of the bought material. All the used materials are linked to their application. In Lopigom, in fact, we develop certificated compound for their specific use in drinking water, gas and food-contact.

NSF61 – Certificated products
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NSF51 – Certificated products
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